Jeremy Loops Returns With New Single ‘What Would I Know’

He released his sophomore album ‘Critical As Water’ back in March last year and now, local singing sensation Jeremy Loops has some brand-new music to share with his fans. Today, the star makes his comeback as he premiered his latest single ‘What Would I Know’.

Written by Jeremy Loops, Truancy and Erik Alcock, who has previously worked with Eminem and Pink, in Berlin during Jeremy’s European Summer 2019 festival, Jeremy wanted the song to stand out from his previous releases. Lyrically, the song explores the fact that sometimes, our thoughts can be our only barrier to greatness. “‘What Would I Know’ is about how we’re often our own worst enemies,” Jeremy tells us. “To take a lyric from the song, we move ‘past ourselves like no one can confuse you like you do’. It’s about not shifting the blame to others, acknowledging you’re the one getting in your own way, and in recognising that, carving a path to freedom. But what would I know, right?”

The single was produced in the UK with Will Hicks, who worked on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, and features Jeremy’s signature sound paired with progressive, modern sensibilities. “Erik is an incredibly talented songwriter, and the resume of people he’s worked with is testament to that,” says Jeremy Loops. “What was special about making this song, is we spent an afternoon just talking about what the song was about and what I had in mind, and that resonated with him at a deep level. This clarity freed us from wrestling what the song ‘meant’, in the process leaving tons of room to be as creative as possible with it.”


Download or stream ‘What Would I Know’ on your favourite digital music platform now.