Janie Bay And Early B Premiere The ‘Die Heelal’ Music Video

Janie Bay and Early B’s hot new collaboration ‘Die Heelal’ is racing up the charts on multiple radio stations across the country and now, as the track continues to build momentum, the duo dropped the official music video for the track.

Janie Bay says that it is important to her to be involved with the conceptualising and the subsequent shooting of her music videos. “A comprehensive vision presents itself to me and I understand every aspect of what needs to be done. I usually have a very clear picture in my head of the storyline and location, as well as who I would like to feature in the video and the director and DOP that I would like to work with. I also pre-plan the finer nuances like make -up, hair and wardrobe.”

She adds that “For, Die Heelal video I imagined dancing in a club and intimate moments between two people. This is the basic feel of the song. I wanted to create a contrast between these two parts and the result is that we filmed the bedroom scenes in black and white and the club scenes in colour, especially working with blue and pink tones that are very trendy right now.”


Well-known actor David Louw plays the lead with Janie. She says: “It was great to work with someone professional. We had to shoot the video in less than 24 hours, so I needed an actor and production team that were 100% focused. I could not be happier with how it turned out.”

Early B adds that he feels honoured that Janie asked him to work with her: “I am a fan of her music. Our songs will one day outlive us and I am super proud to be part of this particular track.”

Watch the stunning music video here: