Jan Bloukaas Teams Up With Early B & Biggy On New Single ‘Dans’

Are you ready for a jol? Jan Bloukaas has just released his brand-new album, aptly titled ‘The Party Starter’ and the lead single ‘Dans’ is an epic collaboration between the singer as well as up-and-coming rap sensation Early B and ‘Dames’ hitmaker Biggy.

With a tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach laced on a dancefloor-ready beat, the single not only builds on the innovative and highly entertaining style for which all three of the musicians are known for, but also promises to surpass the success of all its predecessors.

“This is the first single from my new album ‘The Party Starter’ and I am really excited because I get to experiment with a different style of music than I am used to. ‘Dans’ is an upbeat, humorous track that will definitely be the life of every party,” Jan says. “I create music because I want people to laugh and enjoy themselves and therefore continue to produce electronic dance music. Audiences like my music and that excites me about the future.”


Listen to ‘Dans’ here: