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Is Bella The Baglady Of Tinseltown?

SHE started off as the cute Shake It Up star in frills and sequin shoes, and now has grown into her own true personal style. We’ve been watching Bella Thorne’s style trends lately, and they’ve kinda gone downhill. We honestly feel it’s gone from cute to street style to now being a hot mess! As of late, Bella’s outfits have been all over the place. Let’s have a look at some of her not so great fashion choices.

Now we have to give it to her because almost everyone is terrified to wear fish-net stockings, but not Bella – she goes all out! However, this look is a big no, and we need to start a campaign to get this picture off the Internet! We don’t know what she was thinking or if she was thinking at all? Who in their right mind would pair a pink patent skirt, fish-nets, patent lace up platforms and a fisherman hat all in one??! When we talk about wearing two trends at once, we don’t mean it this way.

If you ever want to know how to not wear a trend then let Bella be your go to. We love leopard print and over the years fashionistas and designers have been trying to give the trend a glam take to it and it slowly seems to be working but then we have a look at this picture. This look would’ve been perfect if she paired the look with a basic tee because there is a lot going on already and just makes us dizzy looking at it.

Normally when wearing denim with denim, you have to be careful. It’s a trend that easily looks tacky, so the trick is to always keep it simple and mix light shades with dark shades. It just doesn’t look appropriate at all.

This look is cute, especially for her age, but she needs to lose the top and go for something for age appropriate or not sheer at all. Again, just too much going on. The amount of time we’ve seen her in fish-nets, we’re sure she has a fish-net walk in closet.

This is how not to wear lingerie out and about. When wearing lingerie out, you don’t need much to make the look stand out or look hotter as it’s lingerie so it has all of that. So you have to make sure everything else you wearing are simple but that wasn’t the case with Bella.

This look would’ve worked if she paired it with sneakers, but she didn’t so we have to work with what is handed in front of us. This look literally looks like she wore it with minimal makeup and without the boots and she felt plain even though the two piece isn’t plain at all and decided to just colour her face and throw the boots on.



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