Zoe Kravitz has learned about femininity from her hairstyles

Zoe Kravitz is certain experimenting with her hair has allowed her to access different aspects of her femininity.

The actress has previously fronted fashion and beauty campaigns for top brands such as Vera Wang and Alexander Wang, while she is currently the face of Saint Laurent’s iconic fragrance, Black Opium. Zoe praised the French luxury label for challenging “what it is to be feminine”, and has used her tresses to explore this concept herself.

“I think the short hair feels very sassy, mature, boyish, and when I have short hair I feel very exposed,” she explained in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “The braids become a little bit of a security blanket, you can hide behind it. When I cut my hair I also realised how much I was relying on my long hair to feel feminine, so when I cut my hair I had to access a different part of my femininity.”


The 29-year-old also applies a similar theory to make-up, and is adamant that she won’t use cosmetics to conceal her true self.

“In terms of make-up, I always try and tell people that I think make-up should be used to highlight the things that you love about yourself, not to cover up who you are or what you look like,” she insisted. “Let your imperfections be the things that make you special.”

As for how she gets her enviably flawless complexion, the Big Little Lies star believes it all begins with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“For me, what I’m eating and if I’m drinking enough water, if I’m sleeping – those things directly affect my skin. That is where beauty begins for me,” Zoe smiled. “Then washing your face morning and night and trying to use organic-based products. I love the companies Retrouve, ISUN, Simply Divine Botanicals, Joanna Vargas – great serums, face washes and skincare that are all for the most part organic.”