Zac Efron: ‘Don’t mess with my muscles’

Zac Efron is so strong right now he’d be able to fend off a zombie apocalypse.

The hunky actor has beefed up even further for his next movie, Baywatch, a remake of the TV classic. To make sure he looked his best in the franchise’s trademark red lifeguard shorts, Zac worked with nutritionist and trainer Patrick Murphy, and now boasts muscles on top of his muscles.

“Right now I’m probably the physically strongest I’ve ever felt,” he smiled to Men’s Fitness magazine. “Not in terms of bench press or how much I can squat, but in how quickly I could get out of this room and destroy everything in my path.”


“If the zombie apocalypse happened right now I’d definitely be able to defend myself.”

A long with hitting the gym, Zac has completely overhauled his diet. He’s been feasting on low carb meals, with an emphasis on organic whole foods. The combination of diet and exercise means 28-year-old Zac has dropped every last bit of body fat, and now has a physique to rival his bulky Baywatch co-star Dwayne Johnson.

“After a while your body stops craving junk food and you look forward to these meals,” he explained. “There’s this trigger that happens after two or three weeks of dieting and eating healthy food where your body switches its primary energy source from burning mainly carbohydrates to burning fat. And when it switches over, all your cravings change. You go, ‘Holy cow, I want kale and vinaigrette shredded with beets and a little bit of sweet potato.”

Baywatch is slated to hit cinemas in May 2017.

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