will.i.am launches line of wearable technology

will.i.am is launching a line of technology he hopes consumers will wear “like jewellery”.

The Black Eyed Peas star has pursued his love of technology and gadgets in recent years under his company i.am +, where he has helped develop smart watches and iPhone accessories.

His latest creation, called i.am + BUTTONS, is about to be released and consists of a pair of Bluetooth headphones backed by magnetic metallic discs that, when in the ears, look like a cross between ear plugs and giant studs or discs. The discs connect to form a necklace when not in use.


Speaking about the creation, will.i.am said that he feels it is time that wearable technology ventured beyond the wrist.

“Why should you have to take off your earphones when you finish listening to something and put them back in a box or bag, instead of just wearing them around your neck like jewellery?” he told The New York Times.

“For some reason we don’t expect our technology to match our outfits. Why not? Why should we just accept that? What I want to do is change that.”

For the marketing, the musician tapped Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley as fashion director, and also notes that Kering, the parent company of Yves Saint Laurent, is an investor in the product. As for the accompanying i.am + BUTTONS advertising campaign, the 41-year-old, real name William Adams, has enlisted models Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell as partners and ambassadors.

“Kendall represents the new millennial face of fashion, and Naomi is the queen of fashion,” he said while explaining why he asked them to pose for the brand.

Buttons are being produced in four colours that match the iPhone 7, and are to go on sale in Apple stores from Wednesday (02Nov16). Additional colours will be unveiled in time for the holiday season, and are priced at $229.95 (£188), with a percentage of the profits going to the i.am.angel Foundation.

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