Victoria Beckham needs break after pressure of New York Fashion Week – report

Victoria Beckham is reportedly ready to take a break from her hectic schedule after debuting her latest collection at New York Fashion Week.

The star shared pictures of herself hard at work before last Sunday’s (10Sep17) catwalk show on Instagram, but pals and husband David are allegedly urging her to take some time out to be with her family.

A friend of the singer-turned-fashion mogul told Britain’s Look magazine: “Victoria has a way of making it all look easy. But the truth is she’s stressed out most of the time.


“She might seem like Superwoman but she’s only human and needs downtime. Right now she’ s struggling.”

The unveiling of her spring/summer collection was attended by husband David and her 18-year-old son Brooklyn, who is studying at Manhattan’s Parsons School Of Design. However her other children Romeo, Cruz and Harper, remained in their native U.K. for the start of the school year.

And the insider claimed that Victoria was torn between her commitment to her dream job and her family.

“This is her favourite time of year but also the time she dreads the most,” they said. “She’s been so nervous in the build up to her fashion show, and that, coupled with being away from her family is tough. But she loves her job so she’s torn. Victoria’s pushing for a family break, probably around Brooklyn’s uni holiday in November.”

Another pal claimed David wants to take her away on a romantic holiday to take her mind off the stresses of running her own fashion line.

“David doesn’t want her to wait that long though,” the friend said. “He’s begging her to take time off so they can go somewhere romantic, just the two of them.”