Vegan Woody Harrelson: ‘I don’t like to bash castmates for their bad eating habits’

Raw food vegan Woody Harrelson has played down reports he lectures castmates about their eating habits, because he hates telling others how to live.

The Hunger Games star admits he’ll share his thoughts about meat, dairy and bad diets if he’s asked, but he refuses to be the guy who attempts to change his co-stars.

“I don’t find that people come around to my way of thinking,” he tells WENN. “It’s very hard to talk someone out of a burger if they like burgers. I don’t try to do it but if people ask me about dairy I’ll go on a little dissertation, I’ll get on the stump.


“Otherwise I don’t think there’s any value in lecturing someone about what they’re eating even though I watch people who are literally eating themselves into an early grave and I just want to say, ‘You should not be doing that. Don’t put that into your mouth!’

“I’ve seen people literally on their deathbed and they’re gonna die but they will not stop eating what they like eating! It’s amazing.”

Woody makes sure he eats right on movie sets by bringing his personal chef with him.

“I usually have a chef because I’m not just vegan, I’m mostly raw. So it’s not that easy,” the actor explains. “People are like, ‘Here’s some carrot sticks and some celery, good luck!’ So it’s better to have someone foraging for you.”

Craig Johnson, the director of Woody’s new film Wilson, reveals the actor has quite a neat thing going when it comes to on-set catering.

“He has a converted bus that his buddy drives up from Texas,” the moviemaker tells WENN. “It’s painted sky blue with unicorns and rainbows. It has all bamboo material and this little organic juice-maker.

“He just lives his truth – raw, vegan, organic. He doesn’t believe in air-conditioning, so it’s a natural flow of air. All of this helps to contribute to the wonderful unique creature that Woody is. If he eats anything onscreen, that’s a vegan version of it.”

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