Vegan actress Alexandra Shipp uses plant-based beauty items for a natural glow

Actress Alexandra Shipp taps into Mother Nature to glam up in a bid to stay true to her vegan diet.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star doesn’t eat animal products and also makes sure her beauty routine is cruelty free and vegetarian too.

“I think about makeup and skincare products that enhance your natural beauty rather than cover it up,” she tells The Cut. “I’m obsessed with a few beauty products right now, like Skin Jelly by Hapbee – it’s a plant-based jelly that is super hydrating. It’s great to make your lid a little glossy, but I pile it on at night to really even out my skin tone.”


The gorgeous 26 year old also relies on her vegan diet to cope with her pimple problems.

“Acne is my thumbprint,” she explains. “It’s 100 per cent me. It’s my genetic code. I have too much testosterone and that in turn creates cystic acne. When you fall prey to it, you have to know about it. With cystic acne, you can feel good and then wake up looking like you had spider bites across your face.

“To counteract the testosterone, I try to eat things with a lot of estrogen. I eat soy. I’m vegan so that balances it too. We are what we eat. I had to figure that out.”

Admitting stints in the makeup chair can sometimes be painful, due to her cystic acne breakouts, Alexandra has come up with style alternatives that allow her to stay away from cosmetics.

“I have really bad cystic acne so I get hyperpigmentation from acne scars,” she shares. “With cystic, it’s under your skin, and changes the texture and colour without ever coming to the surface. I have naturally oily skin – I don’t really need highlighter, let’s put it that way. I’m catching the sun whether I want to or not.”

“If I’m having a really good skin day, I’ll allow my skin to show through,” Alexandra continues. “If I’m not, I’ll do my hair cute. It’s all about tricking the eye. When you aren’t feeling your best face, it’s nice to put on a nice outfit and curl your hair. It’s like, my face might be red and puffy right now, but at least I’m killing it in all these other places.”