Tyler, the Creator unveils tennis-inspired collection for Lacoste

Tyler, the Creator has created a tennis-inspired collection for French fashion label Lacoste.

The rapper, real name Tyler Okonma, is not only making his mark in the hip-hop world but also the style scene, having started clothing company Golf Wang back in 2011.

Now, Tyler has teamed up with executives at Lacoste, founded by tennis player Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier in 1933, and come up with the Lacoste × Golf Le Fleur line, which fuses his personal style with classic tennis culture.


“Outsider. Polymath. Iconoclast. Bad boy. Just to name a few of Tyler, The Creator’s many qualities,” a brand spokesperson said of the 28-year-old. “The California-based musician, revered for his production and directing skills, is also notorious for his off-centre creative statements, that fittingly describe the unique outfits he puts together.”

The 16-piece line features colour blocking and retro references, with key items including thick cotton polo shirts, buttoned T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, bucket hats, a tracksuit, as well as a classic varsity jacket.

Influenced by an ’80s-style colour palette, each of the fabrics has a fun name.

“The colours themselves were renamed to express singularities produced by surprising multi-shades or complementary side tints. Don’t say dusty pink, say ‘litchi’. Beige becomes a mineral ‘geode’. Forget about off-white; here we are talking ‘mascarpone,'” they added.

Even Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo has been reworked and features an embroidered poppy flower in its jaw.

The Lacoste × Golf Le Fleur collection will drop in stores on 17 July in the brand’s physical and online stores and in concept boutiques around the world.