Trisha Yearwood recalls awful 9/11 drama on 18th anniversary of terrorist attacks

Trisha Yearwood makes sure she and her husband Garth Brooks are together – or at least in contact – on the 9/11 anniversary, because they were on separate coasts when terrorists brought the Twin Towers down in 2001.

The country star reveals she was in Los Angeles preparing to shoot a music video when her mother called and told her America was under attack, and she immediately started worrying about her then-boyfriend, who was in New York City.

Recalling the awful events of 11 September, 2001, in a Facebook post, Yearwood says, “(My mom) was crying and frantic, and worried that the west coast was next. I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit. It didn’t seem real.


“It was Read Across America day and he (Brooks) was somewhere in some building in Manhattan, reading to kids. I didn’t know where, but I knew he was there.”

Trisha spent hours trying to reach the man she would marry four years later and they both agreed to put their schedules on hold and meet up back home in Tennessee.

“What I take from 9/11 is that when the worst happens, we can come together and be our best,” Trisha adds. “My prayer today is that we remember the sacrifices of those who went to work that morning, never realising they wouldn’t make it back home that night… that we remember the sacrifices of the first responders, who lost their lives that day trying to help people get to safety… that we remember everyone who survived, but take the scars with them always.”