Tracy Morgan hoping to conceive another child on Mother’s Day

Comedian Tracy Morgan has big plans for America’s Mother’s Day this year (19) – he wants to impregnate his wife.

The former 30 Rock star is already a father-of-four but he is keen to add to his brood, and he wants to make the holiday extra special next week (12May19) by conceiving another child with Megan, his spouse of almost four years.

“(On) Mother’s Day I’ma get her pregnant (sic)!” he quipped on U.S. daytime show Strahan & Sara. “I love kids, I love my baby, and I want more and more and more…”


“I wanna break Bob Marley’s record!” he laughed, referencing the virility of the late reggae legend, who fathered 12 kids.

Tracy and Megan are already parents to a five-year-old daughter named Maven, while the actor also has three sons with his first wife, Sabrina.

Meanwhile, the 50 year old is calling on children and partners to make more of an effort for dads on Father’s Day, because it’s usually the mums who get all the attention.

“Mother’s Day is beautiful, but it’s like, Father’s Day don’t get no love (sic)!” Tracy lamented.

“Last year for Father’s Day, I had to cook myself breakfast in bed…! The Father’s Day present is bought with the change leftover from Mother’s Day!

“One year my wife got me a shirt that was already in my closet!”