Tracee Ellis Ross’s self-care routine involves eating soup and ‘taking lots of baths’

Tracee Ellis Ross has insisted the key to inner peace is eating soup and taking a lot of baths.

The Golden Globe-winning actress is a big advocate of body positivity and inclusivity, and recently launched her own haircare line for Afro and curly tresses, called Pattern.

Despite her busy schedule, the Black-ish star makes sure that she takes time out for herself and told attendees at the recent Summit conference in Los Angeles her top self-care tips.


“I’m huge on self-care,” Tracee confessed. “The amount of output that I do in my career, both now with Pattern and as an actress, and all these different areas, is so big, that the input has to be as well.”

And to avoid burning out, she abides by a strict routine that helps to calm her mind.

“I meditate. I take a lot of baths. I like to eat soup because you’re forced to eat slow; I like to be mindful while I’m doing things,” she laughed. “I don’t have a dishwasher – I wash my own dishes. These are things that tether me to the reality, authenticity, and the truth of my life, that is also my favourite part of my life that gives me this heart that I have.”

Tracee also opened up about her love life and said that she enjoys being single at the age of 47 as it means she can be much pickier with who she chooses to date.

“I am single, and the beauty of that is that I actually get to be choiceful in cultivating those people around me,” she shared.