Tracee Ellis Ross shocked by bizarre age-related skin changes

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is begging for answers about the shocking body changes she’s experiencing at 45.

The hilarious Black-ish star reached the age milestone last October (17) and admits she’s confused about the look of her knees and armpits in particular.

“Let’s talk about certain things that are confusing at this age,” she told Health in a candid chat at a party for clothing brand Chico’s new #HowBoldAreYou campaign in New York City on Monday (12Mar18). “My underarms and the skin around my knees. These are the only complaints I have. And they’re not complaints, but it’s different. The skin is very different.


“They don’t talk about that, and we need to talk about it more. What is happening in this area? It’s fascinating isn’t it? Because the bra is meant to cover this bit, but there is another bit. There is a whole other bit.”

To combat sagging skin and cellulite in her 40s, Tracee swears by a trendy new beauty technique – brushing her skin in a rhythmic motion with a dry brush.

“You should dry brush,” she added. “Dry brushing is very good for circulation and cellulite.”

Although there are new beauty problems for her to address, Tracee feels better than ever and has no problems getting older in the slightest.

“I like being 45, and I like getting older, and I like celebrating that with other women,” she explained. “For me, turning 45, as a young girl, I had this woman that I dreamt of being. I had her in my head and I’d play around with her in my head and with certain people.

“But the gift of age is that you actually get to have the boldness to be that person, to be that woman. And I am experiencing it now. And some of the things that I have discovered in knowing myself is that I actually like myself.”