Tracee Ellis Ross raids Diana Ross’s closet for vintage outfits

Tracee Ellis Ross loves to scour her mother Diana Ross’s wardrobe for amazing vintage outfits.

The Black-ish actress, who is the second daughter of the music icon, is known for her eclectic sense of style and ability to pull off designer looks on the red carpet.

But while Tracee has her own closet full of outstanding pieces, she still enjoys going through her mother’s clothes whenever possible.


“My mom will say, ‘You can’t take that!’ Or, ‘You’re not going to be able to fit into that.’ And I’m like, ‘Watch me try!'” she laughed in an interview with Porter magazine. “My mom was a beanpole; like, the size of my leg, but I figure out how to fit into stuff – alter it!”

Tracee went on to explain that she’s not only inspired by her famous mum’s chic ensembles, but her ability to own every single one of her looks.

“Clothing, hair, and make-up were not part of the male gaze for my mom,” the 47-year-old insisted. “She owned her sensuality and her sexuality in a way I found very empowering because it wasn’t about, ‘Look at me,’ it was about, ‘This is me.'”

Elsewhere in the chat, Tracee spoke about her hair company Pattern, which she launched last September with a shampoo, three targeted conditioners, a leave-in conditioner, and two hair serums – all of which are designed for women with naturally curly hair. And she doesn’t just see Pattern as a beauty brand.

“It’s a space for community. I thought I was alone in looking for self-esteem and not understanding that my physical appearance did not match up with what the world was saying was beautiful,” she added.