Tracee Ellis Ross: ‘Diana Ross is a spectacular mother’

Tracee Ellis Ross has praised her mother Diana Ross as a “spectacular” woman.

Black-ish star Tracee is just one of 75-year-old singer Diana’s five children, and opened up about the amazing woman that is her mum in a chat with Essence magazine.

Asked if her and her siblings’ success means Diana’s womb is “diamond encrusted”, Tracee laughed and replied: “My siblings are all smart and accomplished, yes, but also really special, good people. My mom has five kids. My older sister, Rhonda, is the smartest woman I know – I became who I am by pushing up against her. My sister Chudney, who’s three years younger than me, she is the Pied Piper of children. I think she’s made out of candy and fairy dust. Then my two younger brothers, Ross and Evan, are my template for what men should be: great fathers, great husbands, great people, wonderful siblings.


“The five of us are all so different, yet you can tell we were all raised in the same house by the same mum. The woman people know as Diana Ross is obviously spectacular, but that Diana Ross doesn’t hold a candle to the mummy we know.”

Tracee went on to reveal that while she’s now a successful actress, there was a period after her TV series Girlfriends came to an end in 2008 that she wasn’t sure whether or not she’d make it in Hollywood. But that time of uncertainty helped make her the person she is today.

“It allowed me to continue to grow as a person and to realise I was deserving and worthy,” she mused. “I could own my success, but I could also own what might look like failure. I could literally be my own best friend and mirror, knowing that my worth is not tangled up in what I think I should be getting.”