Tracee Ellis Ross advocates for re-wearing of outfits

Tracee Ellis Ross has called on more Hollywood celebrities to re-wear outfits.

The Black-ish actress is known for her flawless complexion and halo of dark brown curls as well as her ability to pull off just about any fashion trend imaginable.

While Tracee loves to dress up for glitzy work events, she has now shared she is an ardent believer in getting the most out of her wardrobe and re-wearing garments as much as possible.


“If you’re going to spend lots of money on a jacket, wear it a whole bunch of times. If you’re going to buy a pair of boots, they need to be a pair of boots you’re going to wear with more than one outfit and not just one look,” she told U.S. InStyle. “That’s why I never understood those ‘Who Wore It Better?’ columns, because to me, it should be, ‘Look at all the fancy ways you can wear this thing!’”

Tracee cited Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as an inspiration as the British royal often re-wears her designer ensembles to different public events. She also explained that her mother, music icon Diana Ross, always encouraged her to be a smart shopper growing up.

“When I was young, my mom told me, ‘You can spend a lot of money on your clothes, on your things – if you take care of them.’ And I have lived by that,” the 45-year-old smiled.

During the chat, Tracee explained her most recent purchases have included two new Tumi suitcases with wheels to make travel overseas a breeze. However, the star admitted that she is “always” going to be a shopper and does make poor purchasing decisions from time to time.

“It’s all about how you get longevity out of your money,” she considered. “There have definitely been moments where I’m like, ‘Why did I buy that?’ It was ridiculous. But I’ve learned that, just because I want something, it doesn’t mean I should have it.”