Tori Spelling attracts backlash after charging $95 for virtual meet-and-greet

Tori Spelling has found herself at the centre of an online backlash after charging $95 (£76) for fans to talk to her.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actress shared a link to the virtual event on her Instagram page on Monday, writing: “Can’t wait to do my first-ever virtual meet and greet Thursday, April 9 at 5pm PDT. Only 20 spots available so reserve your spot now. Link in my bio xoxo.”

However, when fans went to click on the link, they found that each spot cost $95 – leading to many of them criticising Tori for charging such a lot during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people are out of work.


“Of course, it’s $95 because during a pandemic we all have that to spare… what a bummer,” one wrote, alongside a rolling eyes emoji, while another added: “Damn people are dying, and you still thinking how to gain money from us… what you were and what you became.”

Another fan said she would have taken part in the meet-and-greet had it not been so expensive, since she and her husband had both lost their jobs, but a separate fan argued that Tori shouldn’t have to “stop trying to make money and take care of her family just because someone else can’t”.

“You go Tori, u take care of your family,” they added.

Tori isn’t the only star facing backlash during the health crisis. Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres also attracted criticism from fans after comparing self-isolation, which she is completing in her multi-million-dollar mansion, to “jail”.

“This is like being in jail, is what it is… mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay,” she said during an at-home edition of her talk show.

The comment quickly went viral on social media, with one person responding: “Petition to stick her in an actual jail after quarantine is lifted. Just for a month or so, so maybe she can learn something.”