Tom Jones in talks to join stage musical based on his songs

Tom Jones is in talks to join the team working on a stage musical based on his music.

The musical, titled What’s New Pussycat?, is based on Henry Fielding’s 18th-century novel about a foundling, named Tom Jones, who leaves the West Country and ends up philandering and allowing himself to be seduced by an older woman as he makes his way through London society.

The show is helmed by producers Chris Harper and Flody Suarez, and director Luke Sheppard, and speaking to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, Harper teased the modern twist to the classic tale.


“In this version, Tom Jones becomes a famous popstar and is seduced by an older woman – who in the Fielding tale would have been the Lady Bellaston character,” he explained.

And of Tom’s involvement with the production, Suarez revealed the star had attended workshops for the show, and was pleased with the direction it was taking.

“He came to one of the workshops with his son and daughter-in-law, and he told us that what he’s happiest about is that it didn’t try to take his life story. It’s about the book and the songs,” Suarez said, adding that the 79-year-old continues to be involved with the project.

Rights to use 16 songs connected with Jones have been licensed for the spectacle, which will begin performances at Leeds Playhouse in England from 23 September. If successful, the show is expected to transfer to London next year.