Tina Fey labelled a ‘loser’ by daughter as she crashes Seth Meyers interview

Tina Fey’s youngest daughter interrupted her interview for Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night – calling her mum a “loser” in the process.

The Mean Girls star was taking part in a virtual interview with Seth to promote the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive Netflix special when Penelope, eight, walked into her home office.

“Please hold, there’s a colonial lady coming in,” the 49-year-old said, before asking Penelope: “Yes, can I help you?”


“I’m sorry, you’re not making sound. What?” Tina questioned, as she turned the camera to include her daughter in the shot. “We’re taping a television programme right now, do you need something?”

Maintaining a stony face, Penelope then stared straight into the camera and slowly moved her hand to her forehead – making the shape of an “L” with her thumb and forefinger.

“You’re calling me a loser?” Tina asked, before ushering a giggling Penelope out of the room.

Returning to Seth, Tina made her own L sign on her forehead as she joked: “This meant ‘loyalist’ in colonial times, so that’s on you!”

Tina shares Penelope and 14-year-old Alice with her husband Jeff Richmond.