Tiffany Haddish studied YouTube for tips on quitting smoking

Tiffany Haddish watched YouTube videos on how to quit smoking as she embarked on a new healthy lifestyle ahead of her 40th birthday this December.

The Girls Trip star will be marking her milestone birthday on 3 December, and has been doing her best to be more healthy as she reaches the next decade of her life.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Tiffany told the host that she turned to online video tutorials to pick up tips on how to quit the nicotine sticks.


“I stopped smoking a year ago,” she explained. “YouTube videos is how I stopped smoking, I watched YouTube videos like Easy Ways to Stop Smoking and We Can Hypnotise You In Eight Hours To Stop Smoking.”

Revealing she would leave the YouTube videos playing while she slept, Tiffany added: “And after five days I didn’t want to smoke no more.”

As a result of not smoking, the screen star has “been eating like it ain’t nobody’s business”, but has been maintaining her slim figure by exercising using a “cheat machine”.

“I found some cheat machines, so I’ve been doing a cheat machine where you work out for 20 minutes and it’s the equivalent of working out for a whole week – it’s rich people stuff!” she laughed.

Asked by Ellen to reveal more details about the machine, Tiffany joked that she’d send her details later, explaining: “Cause I don’t want everybody to go there cause I won’t get my 20 minutes, you feel me?”

Another slimming trick Tiffany swears by is using Vicks VapoRub on her stomach, before wrapping herself in cling film and putting on a corset.

“It helps to eliminate fat cells,” she insisted. “Something else I learned from YouTube! I learned that on YouTube – it works, it makes you smooth for a day.”