Tiffany Haddish ‘drank more than ever’ the night before disastrous stand-up gig

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Tiffany Haddish has joked she drank so much the night before her disappointing New Year’s Eve stand-up comedy show her “kidneys fell out”.

The Girls Trip actress was forced to issue an apology after hitting headlines about her chaotic New Year’s Eve (31Dec18) show in Miami, Florida. Earlier that day, the 39-year-old had posted an Instagram video confessing she had been out partying until 7am in the morning, and during the show, she reportedly forgot many of her jokes, other fell flat and at one point she started swigging from a bottle of vodka, prompting walkouts.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (02Apr19), Tiffany explained that she flew into Miami the night before the show and had planned to just go to sleep but she was convinced by friends to go out and celebrate her successful year, but things got out of hand.

“I danced all night, I drank more than I’ve ever drank in my entire life, my kidneys fell out, I’m pretty sure my Uber rating dropped a little low because I pooped on myself a little bit in the Uber. It was bad,” she said. “When I woke up, I thought I was dead. I definitely woke up dead. I was hurting really bad.”

She explained that her team made her make that Instagram video and said it was clear from her behaviour in it “was not gonna be a good show” and “she was not ready,” a reference to her catchphrase “She ready”.

Tiffany caught up on sleep but that wasn’t enough to save the show. Recalling the moment she walked onto the stage, she said, “All these cell phone camera lights came up and I looked out and people was cheering. I was looking at everybody, I saw the lights, and my soul just left my body.”

The Night School star, who has subsequently banned phones from her shows, is heading back to Miami in the summer and anyone who attend her New Year’s Eve gig can come from free or at a discounted price, depending if they still have their ticket. She will donating all the proceeds to the Department of Children’s Services.

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