The New 20: These Celebs Are Turning 40 in 2019

The 18th of April marks the birthday of one of the more demure and, dare we say, civilised Kardashians. Kourtney has had her fair share of ups and down, but her actions, deeds and general behaviour typically pans out in a normal fashion, relatively speaking. She turns 40 today – once an age considered somewhat primeval. Hitting the big (or moderate) four-oh is no longer the catastrophe it once was; people are healthier, they live longer and you are proverbially considered a twenty-something. That, friends, be quite a fine deal.

Besides, once you hit 40 it is likely that you’ve done your grovelling before the unclipped toenails of the gods. Most people, provided that they looked after themselves to some extent, still have both their looks and wits about them. You have, pardon the crude language, your sh*t together (hopefully), a bit of money in the bank and you don’t brood over inconsequential matters as much as you used to. Life is rather good. With all that in mind we scoured the web to find out which of our beloved celebrities are also turning 40 in 2019.

Here are a few fun facts about those who were born back yonder in 1979:


Kate Hudson, April 19

Fun Fact: She considers Kurt Russell as her foremost father figure and has said that her biological father “doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall”.

Evangeline Lilly, August 3

Fun Fact: Her grandparents were missionaries in Africa and her father was raised in Nigeria as a result. She herself spent three weeks in the Philippines as a missionary when she was 18.

Pink, September 8

Fun Fact: Pink has worked a variety of odd, low-paying jobs before entered the music industry. Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and a gas station are but a few of her previous employers.

Chris Pratt, June 21

Fun Fact: He dropped out of community college halfway through his first semester and. Pratt then worked as a discount ticket salesman and a daytime stripper before he ended up homeless in Maui, Hawaii, sleeping in a van and a tent on the beach.

Rose Byrne, July 24

Fun Fact: This is not commonly known, But Rose played Dorme in 2002’s Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones where she was one of Queen Amidala’s handmaidens.

James McAvoy, April 21

Fun Fact: He lives a rather modest and private life. At one point he and his wife, Anne-Marie commuted in a second-hand, 90s-era Nissan Micra worth less than R18 000.

Kevin Hart, July 6

Fun Fact: Kevin sold shoes after he finished college and garnered a reputation as a consummate salesman with a job at Nike lined up. He dropped this though to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

Mindy Kaling, June 24

Fun Fact: She has stated that the worst job she ever worked was as a production assistant on the psychic talk show Crossing Over with John Edwards.

Aaron Paul, August 27

Fun Fact: Paul is the youngest of five siblings. Interestingly, due to him unexpectedly being born a month early, his mother gave birth to him in his parent’s bathtub.

Jason Momoa, August 1

Fun Fact: He likely had to do very little research or method acting for his role in Aquaman because he studied marine biology in Iowa after high school.

Tiffany Haddish, December 3

Fun Fact: She had a tough time growing up. After her mother had a swing in her personality after a bad car accident, Haddish and her siblings were moved into foster care for many years.


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