Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street landlord ‘didn’t know who she was’

The landlord of Taylor Swift’s 2016 rental property in New York’s Greenwich Village had no idea who the star was when he first met her.

The singer, 29, rented the property while renovations were being carried out at the $18 million (£14.7 million) Tribeca residence she had purchased. Her stint at the townhouse was enough to inspire the track Cornelia Street, taken from her new album Lover, but it turns out she didn’t leave as much of an impression on landlord David Aldea.

“I’m just not a pop-culture guy, and I even said to someone, ‘I’m meeting a person named Taylor Swift who wants to rent my home.’” he told Vulture. “Now, mind you, I knew her songs because I had them on my running playlist. I just didn’t match the name to the song. I know, it’s silly.”


Swift began her romance with British actor Joe Alwyn, and in the new song, she recalls her early dates with her beau.

“We were in the backseat / Drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar / ‘I rent a place on Cornelia Street’ / I say casually in the car,” the ME! hitmaker sings.

She and Alwyn, 28, have been dating since 2016, with the actor’s movie credits including 2018 box office hits The Favourite and Mary Queen Of Scots.

Lover is expected to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 next weekend (01Sep19), with an estimated 700,000 sales, landing the singer her sixth U.S. number one.