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Taraji P. Henson slams beauty company for false endorsement

Actress Taraji P. Henson has taken bosses at Urban Skin RX to task for illegally using her image to promote their products.

The Hidden Figures star discovered an ad featuring a close-up picture of herself alongside one of the North Carolina-based beauty company’s items on Instagram, boasting that the product was the “secret” behind Henson’s “effortless glow”.

The 47-year-old did not take kindly to the advertisement and she blew up the spot by calling out company bosses in the comments section below the online piece.

“THIS IS A FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!” she exclaimed under her profile handle. “I AM NOT THE SPOKESPERSON FOR THIS BRAND!!!!! I have NEVER used that serum a day in my life!!!!! THIS IS FALSE NEWS AND JUST A PLAIN LIE!!!!!”

The post has since been removed after the actress requested bosses take it down immediately.

This isn’t the first time Taraji has taken aim at bosses of the company – she complained to them once before after learning her name was being used in Urban Skin RX radio advertisements.

Executives at the corrective skincare company insist they want no bad blood with the star, suggesting she used their products in the past without realising it, while preparing for the red carpet at a Hollywood event.

“It looks like the post you mentioned was a repost of this article, where it’s reported that the products were used during glam for an awards show,” Urban Skin RX representatives tell The Blast in a statement.

“Taraji personally reached out to the company to inform us that the information in the article was incorrect. Immediately after, it was removed. We have a lot of respect for Ms. Henson and will no longer mention it.”


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