Taraji P. Henson had to fight for stylists who understood her hair

Taraji P. Henson had to fight for stylists who understood her hair at the start of her career.

The Empire star struggled to get the right people to manage her textured waves when she first started out in Hollywood so she used to do her own hair to make sure it wouldn’t get ruined.

“When nobody knew who I was, I had to take whatever (hairstylist) they gave me,” Taraji candidly shared to Allure. “I remember one time the stylist decided to put a root booster in my pressed hair. My roots looked like they were rising from the dead, honey.”


“The rest of my head was bone-straight with a curl at the end, like a helmet head, and I had to do a whole photo shoot like that. I tried to explain it to him, and he tried to fix it, but he just didn’t know how to,” she added, noting that she had already done her hair before the shoot in order to avoid her natural locks being damaged by a stylist who didn’t know how to treat them properly.

“Once I figured out (the hair thing) was an issue and I started rising in my career, I realised that I was just going to have to start fighting for the stylists I want,” the Oscar-nominated star explained. “And that’s what I started doing. The bigger my name got, the more people were like, ‘Just give her what she wants.'”

And now, the 49-year-old, who recently launched her own haircare line, TPH by Taraji, no longer worries about having to do her own hair to avoid dealing with an inexperienced hairstylist.

“At this point in my career, I don’t have to always show up to set with my hair already done,” Taraji stated.