Taraji P. Henson forced to postpone wedding due to coronavirus crisis

Taraji P. Henson has been forced to delay her wedding to Kelvin Hayden once again.

The Empire actress had initially set an April date for her nuptials, but pushed it back to June over the fear of bad weather.

However, now that the Covid-19 virus is leading to the cancellation of weddings all around the world – due to the rules in many countries that there be a maximum of five guests at any ceremony – Taraji will have to wait a little longer before she walks down the aisle.


“It’s probably going to be more like July,” she explained to U.S. TV show Extra via video chat. “We have to see what this will be like at the other end.”

The star added that both she and Kelvin have elderly relatives to take into consideration.

“Our grandparents, my grandmother is about to turn 96, his is 86, how do we get them to the wedding now? Now, we are concerned, just trying to figure out the safest and best way,” the 49-year-old noted.

In the meantime, Taraji, who will next be seen in Netflix movie Coffee & Kareem, is doing her best to keep herself busy during the lockdown period, and has even lost 5 pounds (two kilograms) since she started social distancing.

She’s also spending her free time on learning about the practice of meditation and commented: “I have aligned all of my chakras more than once, meditating a lot. I find myself praying, reflecting a lot, doing a lot of things I have said I wanted to do around the house that I don’t have time to do…”