Stephanie Pratt labels brother Spencer and wife Heidi ‘the most toxic people I’ve ever met’

Stephanie Pratt has taken aim at her brother Spencer and sister-in-law Heidi, calling the pair “the most toxic people I’ve ever met”.

The reality star opened up about her troubled family life during the latest episode of her iHeartRadio Pratt Cast podcast, in which she admitted: “We are not on good terms. We are not on speaking terms. I do not consider them my family.”

“For the s**t they have done to me recently, I’m done,” she added. “This is why I moved to London. I’m done. I cannot live near them, they are the most toxic people I’ve ever met. They are Bonnie and Clyde till they die so if they say this sky is black, all of us are morons for saying it’s blue.”


Stephanie continued to make several allegations about Spencer and Heidi’s behaviour, including that her sister-in-law bought everyone a bottle of Champagne during a photoshoot for new series The Hills: New Beginnings apart from Stephanie, and that the pair have been living in her parents’ beach house for the past seven years.

She also claimed that Heidi and Spencer were “arrested for illegal weapons” after moving to Costa Rica. Spencer previously claimed to have been arrested in Costa Rica back in 2010 for felony possession of a firearm. However, it’s unclear whether he was ever charged or appeared in court on the charge.

Stephanie alleged that, after the arrest, “my dad got them a private jet, flew them into Santa Barbara… and moves him into our beach house temporarily. They lived there for seven years. Not only did they live there, but Heidi had the gall to redo my mom’s walk-in closet.”

While the family were back on speaking terms recently when they signed up for reality TV reboot The Hills: New Beginnings, Stephanie concluded by insisting that she’s burned her bridges when it comes to her brother and his wife.

“Before The Hills: New Beginnings, my mom, my brother and I all sat down and we said we will not let this ruin our family again,” she said. “I’m done. I don’t care. I’m not protecting them anymore.”