Solange Knowles’ make-up artist praises her ‘natural’ beauty look

Solange Knowles uses “small beauty techniques” to create her flawless look.

Gosh Copenhagen Global make-up artist Sidsel Marie Bog has recently been working with the Cranes in the Sky singer, who’s known for her pared-back approach to cosmetics.

Asked why Solange always gets it right in the beauty department, Sidsel says it’s all down to the 31-year-old star’s understanding of what works.


“I just worked with Solange Knowles and that was just amazing,” Sidsel told Cover Media. “Because she’s beautiful in a very natural way. And she’s just using those small techniques to emphasise her appearance so it looks beautiful and natural.

“Solange totally knows what she wants and what works for her. She wants lashes and she wants to emphasise her face. But not too much though, not with massive contouring or massive highlight. But just natural. She has such a glow because she uses natural make-up, and not too much. That’s the key.”

Solange herself often talks about her love for low key products, previously admitting that for her hair she opts for coconut oil, and Vaseline is her ultimate beauty saviour. She also credits her home city of New Orleans for helping mould her attitude to style.

“Moving to New Orleans, people are 100 per cent distinctively themselves,” she explained to W Magazine. “That really gave me the courage to express myself in ways that maybe in New York I was a little bit more self-conscious about… And then after like three years of that, I just wanted to wear T-shirts every day. I’m kind of easing into this minimalist phase, where I think I’m so focused on my work and my craft… Everything is so much more fun now that I’ve gotten to a place where I’m like, ‘It’s just clothes!'”