Solange Knowles is learning to relax her style

Solange Knowles is “easing” herself into a minimalist way of dressing.

The singer, and younger sister of Beyonce, has become known for her unique style over the years and her taste has earned her countless fashion collaborations. But recently Solange has seen a change in her wardrobe thanks to her new surroundings, and she showed off her new relaxed look at Monday night’s (01May17) Met Gala.

“Moving to New Orleans, people are so one-hundred-percent distinctively themselves,” she explained to W Magazine. “That really gave me the courage to express myself in a ways that maybe in New York I was a little bit more self-conscious about… And then after like three years of that, I just wanted to wear T-shirts every day. I’m kind of easing into this minimalist phase, where I think I’m so focused on my work and my craft… Everything is so much more fun now that I’ve gotten to a place where I’m like, ‘It’s just clothes!’”


With plenty of gigs coming up later this year (17) Solange, 30, has had to plan countless costumes for the stage, especially as there are contrasting events, from festivals to museum shows.

She favours the neutral tones of designer Issey Miyake and the comfort and flexibility of Phillip Lim pieces, and she’s figured out her favourite shade of the moment.

“On stage, I’ve really been empowered by the colour red,” she explained. “I think it’s associated, especially with women, as this fiery, super volatile, and strong-willed colour. Almost stubborn, if you will. So we’re wearing all-red for our festival shows and playing with the lighting for all the moods red can express. Colour theory is this really nerdy side of me that I’ve been wanting to explore more of.”

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