Sofia Vergara swears drug store products are secret to flawless skin

Sofia Vergara is adamant two readily available products are the secret to clear skin.

The Modern Family actress and fashion entrepreneur always pulls out all the stops whenever she steps out onto the red carpet, with people around the world constantly curious about her skincare regime.

But now, Sofia has divulged that she is a big fan of using drug store favourite Cetaphil’s cleanser and eye make-up remover to keep her complexion flawless.


“I try different ones all the time, because people recommend me stuff, especially in this business. But the basic stuff works best for me,” she told Who What Wear, before adding that she likes Supergoop!’s sunscreen products. “For sunscreen, I’m using Supergoop! and it’s been really good. I also use a calming serum – that’s my go-to.”

Sofia went on to explain that she now abides by a very simple routine, as her skin has suffered from years of wearing heavy make-up for TV appearances. She also has rosacea, a long-term skin condition that typically affects the face and can result in redness, pimples, swelling, and small and superficial dilated blood vessels.

“I’m going to be 47 this July, and, unfortunately, because of the high-heat lamps on sets (and I live on a set), I’ve developed rosacea. I’ve been struggling with that for six or seven years. It’s hard because I get really red, so I’ve realised that I’ve had to treat my skin like sensitive skin, where I didn’t before. I used to love products and would try anything. You name it-you tell me to put cement under my eyes, and I’d try it. But unfortunately, now all the fun is gone for me. I can’t really wear rich moisturisers or rich oils,” the star commented.

When it comes to cosmetics, Sofia uses Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara.