Sofia Vergara determined to design jeans ‘women can wear while eating’

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Sofia Vergara was determined to design a pair of jeans that women can sit and eat in without undoing the top button.

The Modern Family star has teamed up with Walmart to create denim line Sofia by Sofia Vergara, which features nearly 100 items, such as jeans, denim jackets, and T-shirts, with the garments available in sizes 0 to 20, or extra small to triple extra large.

When it came to the inspiration behind the new collection, Sofia turned to her own experiences.

“You can actually sit and eat without having to open up your jeans… That is the selling point – you do not have to open your button,” she said in an interview with U.S. TV show Extra. “You don’t feel like a sausage with these jeans because they have the perfect amount of stretch – you don’t feel restrictive.

“I’ve been caught coming out of cars in New York with my button out by the paparazzi. I forgot, I didn’t have time to, or I thought I did it fast and didn’t.”

The low price point of the range is also an attractive feature, with Sofia keen to appeal to women of all shapes and sizes, and all budgets.

“We have all the sizes that you need, to size 20…Every woman, young, old, voluptuous, skinny, the materials are great,” the 46-year-old gushed.

The actress also makes sure she models the clothing herself in her daily life – something her husband Joe Manganiello is very pleased about.

Asked about his favourite item from the range, Sofia cited the jeans – because “they cradle the butt”.

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