Sofia Vergara: ‘Becoming TV’s highest-paid actress hasn’t been easy’


Sofia Vergara has admitted becoming TV’s highest-paid actress required sacrifices, including missing some of her son’s birthdays.

The Modern Family star first began her career in the late ’90s, co-hosting shows for Spanish-language television network Univision before joining the ABC show, which premiered in 2009.

According to Forbes, she earned $41.5 million (£31.8 million) in 2017, making her one of the highest-earning actresses on TV. And in an interview with Health magazine’s October issue, she called her achievement “very rewarding”, before adding “it hasn’t been easy”.

“I’m 46 and I’ve been working for almost 30 years,” she told the magazine. “So being able to do something that I love in the entertainment business, and on top of that being able to make money? It’s been a wonderful experience. It has not been easy.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it makes you feel rewarded for all the sacrifices – like missing my son’s birthday here and there and not being able to be present all the time for him,” she added. “At the beginning of your career, you have to do what you have to do – but now I don’t have to.”

Sofia, who married actor Joe Manganiello in 2015, and shares adult son Manolo with ex-husband Joe Gonzalez, admitted she now feels compensated for the sacrifices she had to make as a working mum.

“I don’t need to sacrifice my sanity, or time with my family, if I’m having a horrible time. That’s one of the good things about (reaching a certain level of) achievement – you can make those decisions,” Sofia smiled.

Modern Family has finished its ninth season and is set to conclude with one more series. But the Hot Pursuit star admits she would happily continue working on the show.

“I don’t understand why it can’t be like Law & Order,” she sighed. “That would be a dream for me, to keep doing this forever”.

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