Sky Ferreira: ‘Saint Laurent goes with secondhand clothes’

Sky Ferreira mixes her Saint Laurent with thrift store bargains.

The 23-year-old singer is known for her grunge glamour, and she cites the likes of Kurt Cobain and Debbie Harry as style inspirations.

One of the ways she ensures her outfits are so unique, is mixing luxury goods with vintage finds.


“I’ve been thrift-store shopping for as long as I can remember,” she shared with Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. “Metropolis in New York is one of my favourite vintage haunts. I have a brother, so I’d often wear his clothes growing up.

“I look at high end and vintage in the same way. So if I’m going to wear a Saint Laurent dress, I’ll team it was a jacket that I got from an Army surplus thrift store.”

Sky often rocks dresses on the red carpet, but her tomboy past still features heavily when it comes to her wardrobe. As well as her brother’s influence, Sky has also previously admitted her grandmother got her into second hand clothes. At the time it was a necessity rather than a style choice, but her upbringing has had a massive impact on her cool aesthetic.

“I grew up in LA where there are flea markets on every corner. My grandmother – who brought me up – would buy my clothes from there, and the rest were hand-me-downs from my brother. I think that’s why I still like wearing men’s clothes now,” she one told Britain’s InStyle magazine.

“Back then, wearing thrift-store fashion wasn’t cool. This was in the early noughties when it was all about synthetic fabric, tube tops and being girly. That was never my thing anyway, but it did make what I wore look even more random.”

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