Sheryl Crow tired of wearing stilettos onstage

Sheryl Crow no longer wears heels onstage because she finds sneakers so much more comfortable.

Over the years, the If It Makes You Happy singer has built up a reputation for her ability to pull off both red carpet gowns and more relaxed looks, such as jeans and cotton shirts.

Now, Sheryl has shared in a video for Harper’s Bazaar U.S. that she pretty much exclusively wears flat shoes when performing and is a fan of luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose’s designs.


“Believe it or not, I’m actually wearing a lot of Golden Goose,” she said. “In fact, I pretty much live in my Golden Goose tennis shoes onstage. I do, every now and again, wear heels but I find that I go for the comfort.”

Sheryl went on to share that she is “over sequins” and now prefers sleeker footwear designs.

She also picked up a pair of gold metallic Saint Laurent stilettos and explained that the right shoe has the power to completely transform any ensemble.

“You just can’t go wrong – you are wearing a piece of art,” the 57-year-old gushed of the high heels. “It’s almost like a piece of jewellery. You know, you have like the cool sleek black outfit and then you put those on and a ring or a pair of earrings and you’re done!”

Elsewhere in the chat, Sheryl spoke about some of her favourite red carpet outfits and pinpointed the Balenciaga outfit she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2006 as particularly important to her, as she had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. The mother-of-two has since been in remission.

“I put on this Balenciaga dress and these Balenciaga shoes and I literally felt like a princess, and it was actually the clothing that helped me through it,” she praised.