Shay Mitchell headed straight to a training session after recent vacation

Shay Mitchell is so dedicated to her fitness regime that she drove for an hour after getting off a plane to work out with her trainer.

Shay trains with super fit Kira Stokes, the woman who came up with the 30-day plank challenge for a strong core and the 30-day arms challenge for toned arms.

The Pretty Little Liars star recently shared her long commute to Kira on her Instagram stories, heading straight to the trainer after she got back from a vacation in China on Sunday (08Apr18).


“No one can outwork her,” Kira told Shape. “I was beyond impressed with her ability to show up and give it her all. She’s proof that if you want it, you make the time no matter how many obstacles are in your way.”

And despite the star’s jet lag, Kira made sure she put the 31-year-old through her paces, turning an intended 60-minute session into a two-hour full body blast inspired by the trainer’s The Stoked Method.

“I wasn’t going to have her travel over an hour and not make it worth her while,” she smiled.

Shay kept her 19 million Instagram followers updated while she was away, uploading photos of her trip and adding the hashtag Shaycation.

However, some have accused the brunette of faking her holiday snaps, with eagle-eyed observers at StyleCaster pointing out that a mouse cursor appears at the bottom of the screen on her snap of Hong Kong’s Monster Building. It was also found several more of her snaps had been lifted from the Internet, though Shay has since added captions “taken by me”, “I was here. Montane mansion, Hong Kong” and “View so nice it almost looks… fake” to some of the photos.