Sharon Stone appreciates her body ‘so much more’ at 61

Sharon Stone likes her body “so much more” now she’s in her sixties.

The Basic Instinct actress has opened up about her career and the ageing process in a cover interview for the November 2019 issue of Allure magazine.

Reflecting on what it has been like to get older in the public eye, having launched her Hollywood career in the early ’80s, Sharon insisted she no longer feels pressured to look a certain way.


“I like my body so much more,” she commented. “I’m so grateful to my body. When I was younger, everybody was telling me what was wrong with my body – too this, too that. When I got on Basic Instinct, they hired a make-up artist that put on pounds of make-up every day, and every day I went to my trailer and took the make-up off. But I wasn’t allowed to choose my make-up artist, nor was my name (above the title) on the poster.”

Sharon went on to name her biggest beauty regrets as overplucking her eyebrows and not wearing enough sunscreen when she was younger.

And although she experienced some huge challenges during her forties, such as her divorce from former husband Phil Bronstein and suffering a life-threatening stroke in 2001, the screen star acknowledged those were some of the years when she felt her most beautiful.

“My forties were so beautiful. I couldn’t work because women, once they got to be 40, were not given jobs in Hollywood. I was a mom with three beautiful little boys. I was recovering from a massive brain injury, and I was in custody court constantly over my oldest child. But there was something wonderful in that period of all those challenges,” the 61-year-old mused. “It was my period of the biggest change, but the period where I thought I was the most beautiful.”