Serena Williams unveils fine jewellery line

Serena Williams has launched a line of fine jewellery.

The tennis superstar has already ventured into the fashion world with her inclusive clothing brand S by Serena and she is now expanding into the jewellery market with a line simply called Serena Williams Jewelry.

The 70-piece collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, a diamond-encrusted dog tag, diamond-encrusted gold star-shaped drop earrings, and diamond earrings that spell out the words SEXY as well as LOVE. All the pieces are designed with real gold or silver, as Williams is allergic to a lot of metals, and range in price from $299 (£233) to $10,000 (£7,785).


“I’m not a jewellery designer,” she told Vogue when asked about her involvement in the design process. “But I spent hours looking at every single piece. I’d say, ‘Let’s change the chain on this’ or ‘Let’s do a herringbone here’ or ‘Let’s do more of a classic look for this or a different finish for that.'”

In the interview, the 38-year-old explained that she wanted to create pieces that could be wearable in a variety of different situations, from “on the red carpet and the tennis court”.

“You don’t have to change pieces, but you can add pieces – something more bold, or more strong, or even something with a word on it – even if it’s a more delicate piece. It’s just about expressing yourself,” the sportswoman added.

The line also includes a number of heart-shaped pieces because she’s “obsessed” with hearts and can be seen wearing jewellery featuring the shape in “99 per cent” of her matches.

“I’ve always worn crazy jewellery on the court-massive rings, diamonds, necklaces. I mean, most people like jewellery, but I love jewellery,” she commented.

Serena Williams Jewelry goes on sale this month.