Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar enjoy mini Cruel Intentions reunion

Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar recently met up with director and screenwriter Roger Kumble for a mini Cruel Intentions reunion.

The pair, who played rivals in the 1999 cult classic, hung out with Roger at Selma’s home and documented the gathering on social media with a series of selfies.

“I can’t show how good it feels to have my friends come and bring lunch and news of the world. So I will just share the standard happy selfies. With love,” Selma, who revealed she was battling multiple sclerosis in 2018, wrote. “Who knew this #cruelintentions trio would be forever?”


Sarah, 42, opened up to her followers about an inside joke she shares with 47-year-old Selma on her account, adding: “No cruel intentions here. Little known fact- since the day we met @selmablair has called me Scarah.”

While Sarah put the “blame” on Roger, 53, for the unique nickname, the Legally Blonde joked, “Scarah my love,” in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Roger joked on his Instagram account that he was just a sushi delivery man who had stumbled upon the get-together.

“First day at my new job as Sugarfish Postmates Delivery-boy and look who I run into!!! @selmablair & @sarahmgellar!” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the actress’ joint selfie.

He also referenced the duo’s iconic onscreen smooch, saying, “I tried to get them to kiss, then they kicked me out with no tip,” with Sarah later calling him, “the best looking @postmates delivery guy I ever saw (and most talented).”

Selma added: “I love you as @sugarfishbynozawa Postmates dude. Well done.”