Scott Foley moving family to Prague

Actor Scott Foley is relocating his family to the Czech Republic as he films a new TV show there.

The Scandal star’s new pilot, Whiskey Cavalier, has just been picked up for a full series, so instead of flying back and forth between his set in Prague and his family home in the U.S., he and his wife, actress Marika Dominczyk, have decided to live in Europe for the duration of the series.

“We shot the pilot in Prague and in Paris,” Scott told morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. “It was the best, we had so much fun.”


There’s one aspect of life in the Czech capital Scott isn’t so fond of – the weather – but portraying an FBI agent who has “high emotional sensitivity” in the dramatic comedy was too good to pass up.

“Prague has, I think, 13 months of winter, so it’s freezing over there!” he quipped. “It was crazy, but it’s the show I’ve always wanted to do.

“I’ve been so fortunate in my career to do both dramas and comedies, and I wanted to find something that combined them both and this is it.”

Scott and Marika are now taking a trip to Prague to scout out the perfect home for themselves and their three kids before taking the plunge.

“My wife and I are going on this exploratory visit to visit schools and look for apartments,” he said. “It’s a lot.”

Despite the hurdles of relocating, the couple is excited to embark on a new adventure as a family.

Scott smiled, “She is excited about it. She’s Polish, born in Poland, so she speaks fluent Polish, which is very similar to Czech… I’m excited for the adventure. There’s something great about picking up and trying something new, at least for a year or two.”

Season one of Whiskey Cavalier is expected to debut in early 2019.