Scooter Braun brags as Justin Bieber viral burrito pic revealed as a prank

by #People

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has insisted he wasn’t fooled by a picture which appeared to show the singer eating a burrito sideways.

The snap quickly went viral as fans questioned why the singer was chowing down on the Mexican delicacy from the middle, rather than from each end as is traditional.

While many pondered whether Justin knew what a burrito was, Chrissy Teigen weighed in with what was a vastly unpopular opinion as she backed the Sorry star’s way of eating, tweeting that it was “the only way they should be eaten tbh (to be honest), ends are just carb factories”.

However, it has since been revealed that the snap was a prank set up by the guys behind the Yes Theory YouTube channel, who enlisted the help of Justin lookalike Brad Sousa to see if they could create a picture which would go viral.

“What if he’s caught doing really weird stuff, like eating a burrito sideways?” they mused early in a debunking video shared on Sunday (28Oct18) entitled We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo. “Sitting alone in a park, just bites sideways on the burrito.”

Following the revelation, Scooter shared a video on his Instagram in which he was seen FaceTiming with the Yes Theory pair, insisting during the call that he had known all along the image wasn’t of Justin.

Telling the duo that he “knows what Justin looks like”, Scooter added he then came up with a way of finding out who was behind the prank.

“I decided to put it up on my Instagram for one minute with a caption pretending that I thought it was him,” he laughed. “Within 30 seconds of posting it and taking it down, your manager hits (me) up. So I just want you to know you can’t prank a prankster. But I’m going to play along and not going to say anything because it’s really funny.”

Posting the video on Instagram, Scooter wrote: “Well done to the @yestheory guys… but you can never prank a prankster… as for everyone else… #itisnotJustin.”

Justin has yet to comment on the prank himself.

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