Sarah Paulson can’t leave the house without combing her eyebrows

Actress Sarah Paulson can’t bear to walk out of her house without combing her eyebrows and putting on a little lip balm.

The Post star admits she has finally settled on a solid personal style and beauty routine after taking decades to find her fashion voice.

“I have a uniform. That’s new for me,” the 43-year-old tells InStyle magazine. “It’s all about (wearing clothes by British fashion designer) Phoebe Philo. And in terms of a beauty routine, if I don’t comb my eyebrows and have ChapStick, I don’t feel like I can face the day, and I’m not kidding.”


Sarah has also discovered a firm red carpet identity, drawing from hit 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls, about a group of ageing female roommates living it up together in their golden years, whenever she attends an A-list event.

“It’s Golden Girls time for me all the time,” she smiles, citing the show’s leading lady Bea Arthur as her main source of style inspiration. “Give me sparkle and a shoulder pad and you’ve never met anybody so happy in your life.”

Sarah’s new style confidence is reflected in her work – the actress feels more empowered than ever after truly accepting her unique acting range through her professional partnership with producer Ryan Murphy, who she began working with regularly in 2011 on his hit TV show American Horror Story.

“I found a real home with Ryan,” Sarah shares. “He was interested in the character; it wasn’t about making me more attractive. There’s something that’s not articulated about my face that allows me to morph into different things. That characteristic, which stopped me from getting jobs when I was younger, is exactly what allows me to get them now.”