Sarah Paulson and Marcia Clark drank tequila together

Sarah Paulson and lawyer Marcia Clark downed tequila when they met during filming of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Sarah has won great acclaim for her steely portrayal of the beleaguered prosecutor, who came under immense pressure during the famous O.J. Simpson trial between 1994 and 1995.

Marcia, then a 40-year-old deputy district attorney who was designated the lead prosecutor of the case, came under intense scrutiny over her appearance as well as her ability to perform her duties as a prosecutor. Unsurprisingly she doesn’t remember the period particularly fondly. And while Marcia has admitted she’s not a fan of the show, she clearly feels differently about Sarah, as she got on famously with the actress when they met.


“It was the most fun. We drank tequila all night. We shut the place down. We never stopped laughing,” Marcia revealed of their dinner meeting during an appearance on Larry King Now, due to air on Friday night (25Mar16).

Sarah previously revealed she’s hoping for a second meet up with Marcia, 62, once the show is over. “Once it’s all done, I hope she’ll hang out with me repeatedly,” the actress told “I’m going to email her and say, ‘Can we please, now? How about now? What about NOW? Tomorrow? How about NOW?’ “

Marcia also discussed with Larry what it’s really like watching such a real life adaptation of something she lived through. “I didn’t think I’d even be able to watch it,” she confessed.

During the trial Marcia was questioned over her ability to parent her five and three year-old sons. She also suffered the indignity of having a topless photograph of herself on holiday in St. Tropez in 1979 sold to The National Enquirer by her former mother-in-law, Clara Horowitz.

“When I first heard they were going to do this, I kept praying that somehow, something would go wrong. It’s not entertainment for me. It’s a tragedy. Whatever anybody thinks about Simpson’s guilt, two innocent people were brutally murdered. And the killer was never brought to justice. It hurts,” Marcia explained to Vogue.

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