Sarah Michelle Gellar’s flawless skin is almost the death of her in Olay commercial

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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s enviably flawless complexion is almost the death of her in the hilarious new Killer Skin advert for beauty brand Olay.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, who also starred in horror classic Scream 2 on the big screen, pokes fun at her acting genre preferences in the commercial, which aired in full during the Super Bowl on Sunday night (03Feb19).

The advert starts with Sarah and a male friend enjoying their evening, before a masked man breaks into the house and tries to chase them down. After locking themselves in the bedroom, Sarah then attempts to unlock her phone with the facial ID feature to call the police. However, she quickly realises the dramatic effects of her skincare regime as she tells her pal: “I’ve been using Olay. It has totally transformed my skin. 28 days ago, I looked like that!” The camera then flashes over to a picture of Sarah looking dishevelled, with an uneven complexion and messy hair.

Her pal comments that the transformation is “bananas”, before the masked man manages to break into the bedroom, and sits on the bed as he tells Sarah: “Your skin is glowing – you could be a movie star!”

Explaining her decision to team up with Olay for the Super Bowl ad, Sarah said: “I’m a big fan of Olay, having used their products for years. I was also immediately drawn to the humorous and campy creative direction they wanted to take for the ad. It’s definitely different than what most would expect coming from the brand, which is what makes it so great.”

She also praised the brand for challenging the “male-centric nature” of the majority of adverts airing during the Super Bowl and speaking to the “hugely underrepresented female NFL fan”.

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