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Sarah Michelle Gellar shuts down parenting woes with mum mantra

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar soothes herself over the daunting tasks of motherhood by rehashing the best parenting advice she’s ever received.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is mum to nine-year-old daughter Charlotte Grace and six-year-old son Rocky James with husband Freddie Prinze Jr., and she has managed to stay calm with two young kids thanks to some wise words she was offered early on.

“What I would say to any new parent, which someone gave to me once and I thought was the best advice was: Add ‘for now’ to the end of every sentence,” she tells People. “So like, ‘I’m getting no sleep for now’ or ‘I can’t button my jeans for now’ or ‘My kid doesn’t want to listen for now’. It’s all going to change and when you look at it that way it’s much less daunting.”

Sarah celebrated Hatchimals Day on Friday (05Oct18) in Los Angeles to support the toy company’s new product HatchiBabies, a fuzzy plaything children hatch from an egg and care for after it’s “born”.

The 41 year old loves the Hatchimals and HatchiBabies toys, insisting the line helps instill good values in her kids.

“As a parent, the most important thing you can do is teach your child responsibility and empathy,” Sarah says. “When a baby or a toy cries, they have to take responsibility for that and take it more seriously than having someone else deal with it.”

“You’re always looking for something interactive for your children because you don’t want them on a flat screen. What I love about the Hatchimals is the idea of the responsibility,” she adds. “They have to care for these animals. They have to take care of it and spend extra time and love, and feed them. Having a daughter and a son, too, it’s a great opportunity for them to spend time together.”


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