Sarah Michelle Gellar launched organic baking company despite limited cooking skills

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t let her limited cooking skills stand in the way of her business ambitions when she launched Foodstirs.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star co-created the company to offer the health-conscious more organic sugarless dessert options that are fun and easy to make.

The 41 year old hopes the venture allows families to bond as they prepare treats together.


“If you would’ve asked me four years ago if I thought I would be running a baking company, I definitely would’ve laughed pretty hard,” Gellar says in a video posted by InStyle. “Let’s see… I have no skill, no experience… yeah, sounds like the perfect job for me!”

Despite her reservations, Gellar, who played a terrible chef in 1999 romantic comedy Simply Irresistible, launched the company with the help of longtime friend Galit Laibow and entrepreneur Greg Fleishman, who guided her through the early stages of the development of Foodstirs and set up relationships with bosses at stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, where items from the Los Angeles based venture are now sold.

Last year (17), ahead of the brand’s launch, Gellar explained to CNBC that being known as an actress meant there was more pressure on her to succeed.

“While at first it may seem like my celebrity might have given Foodstirs an easier entry… there are more eyes on us and more anticipation of failure,” she said.

Her concerns have since been put to rest with Foodstirs expanding to 1,500 stores throughout the U.S., but modest Sarah Michelle insists much of her success can be accredited to the team she works alongside.

“We have a great culture,” she says. “We bake all day. There’s no typical day. We get up at five in the morning and don’t go to sleep until well into the next day!”