Sarah Jessica Parker ‘freaked out’ by fans grabbing her for selfies

Sarah Jessica Parker has pleaded with fans to strike up a conversation with her instead of “grabbing her” because they want a selfie.

The Sex and the City actress is currently in Australia for a two-day tour in association with Business Chicks, an Australian community for entrepreneurial women, during which she treats fans to the secrets behind her career success.

While promoting the jaunt, the star told the Herald Sun newspaper that being recognised wherever she goes “freaks her out”, because overzealous fans literally grab her for selfies.


“The world is scary a little bit right now, there’s a heightened awareness, there’s tension, so that’s the only thing that freaks me out is people grabbing me. I much prefer conversation to a selfie,” the actress, 54, explained. “What’s happening now is that people actually grab you, people want a selfie, so there’s no exchange of, ‘Hello, how are you? Do you mind for a moment if we do a photograph?’ It’s ‘Can we do a selfie?'”

She clarified: “There’s no introduction and when they’re doing it they’re grabbing you.”

Sarah’s remarks come just days after she was seen looking terrified as she was mobbed by fans at Sydney airport on Monday.