Sarah Jessica Parker finally names shoe ‘Carrie’ after years of avoidance

Sarah Jessica Parker has finally named a style in her shoe line after her Sex and the City character after years of reservations.

The actress famously portrayed journalist Carrie Bradshaw, an onscreen persona whose quirky clothing choices made her somewhat of a fashion icon, on the hit TV series for six years until the show’s conclusion in 2004.

Parker, who reprised her role as Bradshaw in the 2008 Sex and the City movie adaptation and its sequel in 2010, went on to launch her eponymous SJP footwear brand in 2014 and has intentionally stayed away from referencing her TV past in any way until now – her latest line is offering a strappy sandal look dubbed ‘Carrie’.


“We were so careful in naming a shoe Carrie, for obvious reasons, so it took Sarah Jessica a long time to finally decide on the shoe to name Carrie,” Sarah’s business partner, Manolo Blahnik brand CEO George Malkemus, reveals to Capitol File magazine. “So then she said, ‘Let’s do a Carrie flat,’ and we did a Carrie flat. And then she said, ‘Let’s do a Carrie sneaker,’ so Meteor is her sneaker version of a Carrie.”

Sarah’s Meteor sneaker is one of the actress’ top five favourite styles from her new collection and she loves it so much, she has already over-worn the multiple pairs she owns throughout the winter in her adopted New York City.

“(I love) Meteor in every colour. Our new sneaker I’m so, so, so, so in love with, I can’t even tell you,” she gushes. “I’ve already worn it when it’s not really even warm enough (outside). I’ve pushed it.”

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