Sandra Oh needs subtitles to watch Korean movies

Sandra Oh struggles to watch Korean TV shows and movies without subtitles because her grasp of the language is “fairly limited”.

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail Weekend magazine, the Killing Eve star confessed that, despite having South Korean parents, she has not mastered the language.

“Although I’m proud of my Korean roots, my spoken Korean is fairly limited,” she stated.”I was born and raised in a small town near Ottawa, Canada and I learned French at school. My parents speak Korean at home, but if I’m watching a Korean film I need subtitles.”


While she is still working on her language skills, Oh notably thanked her parents in Korean when she won the Best Actress in a TV Drama prize at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, making her the first Asian woman in almost 40 years to win the category.

“Umma and appa, saranghaeyo,” the 48-year-old said, which translates into English as, “Mum and dad, love you.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Oh discussed how she is currently living in the U.K. while working on the third season of the spy thriller series and shared the one complaint she has about Korean restaurants in the British capital.

“One thing that irritates me about Korean restaurants in London is when they charge for banchan, the little side dishes such as kimchi that come with every meal,” she explained. “They’re included in the bill in Korea, but I feel like Londoners aren’t aware of that yet.”

Season three of Killing Eve, also featuring Jodie Comer, debuts on 26 April.